Doctor Who Epic Matt Smith Speech

Doctor Who Epic Matt Smith Speech



Matt Smith Played as the Eleventh Doctor.

On this Page your learn who is Matt Smith and his companions.

WARNING:this will have one SPOILER

Introduction of Matt SmithEdit

Matt Smith joined Doctor Who in 2010-2013. With his previous companions is Amy Pond (who was played by Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (played by Author).

Now what to do with Mat Smith as the 11th DoctorEdit

Now the Doctor (Matt Smith) is joined now by Clara (played by Jennie Coleman* might be wrong)and he is on the series 7 part 2. And joined with the 10th Doctor in November 23rd, 2013 with Rose Tyler. and with the TIME WAR. (read more @ the Doctor Who 50th Birthday page. It will tell you what will happen in the Special)